Happy New Year everyone and welcome back. We are all mostly sobered up and are getting back to telling you what to listen to. We are starting things off right with some random questions with the Fort Collins duo The Billy Goats. A great two piece band in the vein of The Black Keys but with a grittier surfer rock vibe. We asked them some random questions and they were happy to oblige us with some humorous answers. We will be catching their upcoming show on the 29th at the Lions Lair and whole heartedly suggest you do the same.


Which Spice Girl is most inspirational to you and why?
Scary Spice. Look up the definition of the word scary and you’ll see our inspiration.

Ideal mode of transportation?
Motorcycle and sidecar. Being a two piece helps with this mode of transportation.

You encounter a jukebox with one leftover credit. You got your choice of the whole litter, only issue is, this jukebox plays exclusively Elton John songs. What song do you pick?
Elton John song: Honky Cat. The title alone is reason.

What song, continuously, when you play it, reminds you most of home?
Well, since we’re both from different parts of the country (Chicago and Virginia) this is a tough one. But we’d say “the education.”

Alcoholic or non, what is your go to drink?

What record, or entire artists catalogue, would you most like to destroy in an open field (office space style)?
Elton John…kidding of course…Toby Keith. Hands down. Show us the way to the field.

What mythical creature most influences you on a daily basis?
Is the Whiskeyasaurus an animal? But Jackalopes are pretty inspirational.

Annnnnnnnd, fuck, favorite curse word?
I said shit, goddamn.

Now you get to ask us, at Bearcules.com, one question, shoot!
You’re locked in a room with one person and one object. Who is the person and what is the object?

Chad Kroeger or any member of Nickelback and a hammer.

The Billy Goats Upcoming Shows:
Jan 15th at Hodi’s –Fort Collins.
Jan 24th at Surfside 7 - Fort Collins
Jan 29th at Lions Lair - Denver.

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