Lion’s Lair, your $10 and under school-night shows cease to amaze us at Bearcules.  Cheap beers, bitchin’ jukebox and always a wide variety of new talented bands on the marquee, what’s not to love? 

The Billy Goats, a band still in its first year from Fort Collins, have a simple attack plan.  Drums and guitar combined to form some hard hitting blues-rock.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Sounds like the Black Keys or early White Stripes!” I know and I agree, you see this combination a lot nowadays, but it’s a timeless combination and the Billy Goats really own it.  The gritty two-some are off to a solid start and should do well in the Colorado, especially based in the blossoming music scene that is Fort Collins.

The shocker of the night was Denver’s own, The Dirty Few.  Twin brothers Seth and Spencer Stone, transplants from Nashville play drum and guitar.  Justin Trujillo accompanies the brothers on bass.  These guys are the real deal embodiment of modern day punk.  The Dirty Few are a group of sweaty rockers, jumping up on bars and doing stage dives in a venue where I approximate the ceiling is about 9 feet.  If you haven’t yet, go see these guys, they’ve got spunk .

Also, it’s nice to see a band pay homage to some of their influences, including a cover of Harlem’s “Someday Soon” and the Aquabat’s “Super Rad.”

The Rich Hands put on a commendable show for the already preheated and raucous crowd.  The Texas group, passing through town, brought a 60’s pop garage rock vibe that isn’t as prevalent in Denver as some (I) would hope.  The Rich Hands hit hard and seemed to turn up the punk knob on their set a few notches to match the raw tenacity of The Dirty Few.  The three-piece band played a tightly tuned set and had the majority of the crowd wanting more, within reason of course, I mean; it was a school night after all.   

Chris Barker

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